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The Pain Party Begins!February 8th, 2020
8 months to go.

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More Races

So you have completed The Algonquin and now you are wondering what to do next. You may be asking yourself, “Where do I go from here? What race can I run now since my life is complete and I completed the epic Algonquin?” I am glad you asked yourself that. Here is the answer to your once complete life. Run one, or both of these other twisted races our Great Race Dictator has concocted…

1. Bacon vs. Scrapple Run – Easily the toughest race in Salisbury and the most delicious…

Will will have over 40lbs of BACON! Yes, you read that correctly.
A new twist this year… you can choose to support BACON or scrapple. Someone else will have to bring Scrapple (It is a terrible meat-substitute). To compete in the team component of the race you need to choose either BACON or scrapple. Due to how disgusting scrapple is we will not providing that. We will leave that crime against nature to Team Scrapple.

Get ready for dirt. A 7k trail footrace to promote the use of recreational trails in the city of Salisbury and Wicomico County. A great race for experienced trail runners and those wanting to test out the trails for the first time.

The trails are almost all single-track dirt trails… there are some ups and downs and lots of twists and turns. Please be aware that this event will be held during tick season. Please prepare accordingly by spraying yourself and your clothes. (Facebook Group Page)

2. The Great American Run – A 4.44-mile trail race on the 4th of July. Come out and celebrate our country’s day of independence with an awesome, competitive run! Or RUN the course FOUR times to run 17.76 miles and be a true patriot! Awards for both distances (sorry nothing for running it three times). The course is almost all trails and the parts that aren’t are on dirt roads (less than 1/4mile). The course will be marked with American Flags! So follow the flags to victory! (Facebook Group Page)

3. Milburn Trail Run – Come celebrate National Trails Day 2019 with us at Milburn Landing, Pocomoke State Park for a taste of The Algonquin running “The Milburn Trail Run”.
On Saturday June 1st at 9am – This is a FREE timed event….. so yeah run fast. Its a 4 miler!

3036 Nassawango Road, Pocomoke City, MD 21851

Bring the family. Bring the friends. Thinking of running Algonquin 50k? This is your chance to get a feel for it.
B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own bib… ) – Yes, when you register you choose the bib number you want and then bring your own bib (it can be an old bib from an old race or one you make on your own…)

We will have Water, Gatorade and snacks.
Meet at The Nassawango Pavilion at Milburn Landing. 

Stay around after the race for trail maintenance starting at 10am. 🙂

No shirts – No trophies – Just enjoy the trails and run hard. Afterwards we will be helping the park out by putting in some volunteer hours and cleaning up some of the trail

4. Soon to be announced. Stay tuned!

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