Yeah. It feels like just yesterday we had our first ALQ50k and you are probably thinking “whoa another one so soon”. Yep. It is time to train. It is time to plan. It is time to get ready for Algonquin 2 “The Revenge of Goat Man”… or just Algonquin 2018. Wait. Don’t train too hard yet. It is not until February 10th, 2018… We are really excited about brining the race back to The Pocomoke Forest. We have plans to make the race even better than last year. We took all your suggestions, comments, and ideas and are implementing them into our planning of the event.

As you may have heard… The race is gonna be a little bigger than last year. But remember bigger isn’t better, better is better… but Bigger and Better is More Better, what ever that means. We hope this website helps in having a “go to site” for your most important information. We are not leaving Facebook and will continue to have a vibrant presence there, but we also wanted a place where you could find stuff fast! So here it is.

Be sure to send us suggestions, comments and corrections.

Now go invite your friends and let’s make the race EPIC AGAIN.

– Trent


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