Well hello there Algonquins! Hopefully you will come here as often as you do to the Facebook Group Page. Here you will find all the static info on the infamous Algonquin 50K Trail Ultra Marathon! That indeed is a mouthful but it should make you more awesome after you have said it. We encourage that type of thing here. Anyways feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us Page anywhere in the site. We will have everything the FB group page has in a neat and easy to navigate website. Come back here as often as you like. Make it your home page. Another thing we encourage. The site is a work in progress just like our running. In the blog section the staff and crew will post updates, random thoughts, words of encouragement and, words of tough love. If you should find a mistake in the site please be nice about pointing it out. I am a father of 6, who tries to run at night (which is the only time I can run), take orders from the Race Dictator. There will be a calendar of any training runs and other exciting things in the running community here on the Eastern Shores of Maryland. So sit tight, relax, get a few runs in as I make this site the only site you will want to visit

Sincerely, The Stampeding Turtle


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